Cataratas del Iguazú

The Falls are a destination with a mixture of magical and mystical, ideal to visit any time of the year. 4 days, is time enough to visit the most attractive points. Ideal for a long weekend!

The Falls Park on the Argentine side is worth to visit, both day and night. At night? Yes, at night and on a full moon! There is a night tour when the moon beautifully lights the Park. It is made along the walkways that have as their final destination the highest jump which is: The Devil’s Throat.

 The flora and fauna never cease to amaze us. One day you can enjoy visiting the Argentine side of the Falls and the next day the Brazilian side, which also has its charm since it is seen from another point of view. 

You could also take boat rides that will take you under the jumps and you will be more than surprised with the greatness of this destination.

If there are days off, then you can choose to go on a shopping tour in Ciudad del Este, located in Paraguay, where there are many offers of all kinds with very good prices. You can also visit the Ruins of San Ignacio, located in the city with the same name and where you will find well-preserved remains of the 17th century Jesuit mission.

A destination worth visiting and in a few days, you can amaze with its nature and history.