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Of about three components of liability, which is the really antique and you may prevalent?

Title: Ch01–18;F;Pg.19 18. The fresh delegation to and you will supervision off activities of the third parties-bodies, profit-established enterprises, and you will nonprofits-is called good. federalism. b. societal field relationships. c. bureaucratic accountability. d. administration by proxy.

19. Political researcher John Gaus concurred which have Woodrow Wilson you to breaking up politics regarding management will be carried out by enacting legislation one gave opted for officials handle to aid policy you to directors do merely do. an effective. True b. False

20. Policymakers do not really worth a loose strings away from demand in lieu of way more direct control over the subordinates. a. Real b. Untrue

21. Customers and opted officials demand a lowered standard of ethics than simply one questioned on the private sector for political designated public administrators. an excellent. Genuine b. Not the case

twenty-two. As more bodies iamnaughty providers enjoys varied countries it is hard so you can manage a fundamental group of elite norms one to govern administrative choices. a beneficial. Genuine b. Not true

step one. All of the after the is actually categories of the various procedure you to distinguish public groups out of individual organizations Except a great. strategies out-of efficiency. b. personal scrutiny. C rules formation. d. marketing.

3. One particular practical difference between public and personal teams, more than oversight and performance dimension try good. public analysis. c. long-name teams. d. emphasis on good for neighborhood.

4. _________ emphasize security, abilities, and you will dealing with from the marketing. good. Nonprofits b. Individual communities C Public groups d. Small agencies

5. Public management concerns An insurance policy creation and coverage delivery. b. plan formation, however plan execution. c. plan execution, although not rules formation. d. none rules development nor policy performance.

six. Among core circumstances of societal management ‘s the usually fuzzy line ranging from a good. personal and private teams. b. national rather than worldwide regulators. c. stamina and you will inefficiency. D politics and you can management.

seven. The target to own management obligations would be to maximize ______ regulation and to overcome _______ controls. an effective. discretionary; interior b. external; inner c. internal; discretionary D interior; additional

Woodrow Wilson’s view on ________ has established a long-term scholarly argument

8. Each one of the after the explains improved management action inside policy development But an excellent. the fresh new specialized competence away from company team. b. the elevated technicality out-of personal rules. C. the fresh diminished role out of legislative wedding. d. the development regarding captain executive’s part because coverage agenda setter.

9. As opposed to the non-public business, people sector is accountable to each of your own after the Except A in the world organizations. b. legislators. c. courts. d. anyone.

10. Each one of the pursuing the tends to make societal communities not the same as private groups But an effective. industry service. b. visibility. C overall performance strategies. d. social analysis.

eleven. an excellent. business principle b. the difference between personal and personal government c. coverage delivery and you may coverage formation D the neutrality of societal government

several. Americans started initially to consult much more of government An as The second world war. b. while the World War We. c. just like the time of Woodrow Wilson. d. since the period of the Federalist Documents.

B laws out-of law

13. No matter if selected authorities authorize, head and provide tips on rules, ______ entrusted in order to administrators is exactly what means the newest intent of one’s guidelines with the fact. a great. supervision B rules performance c. nonprofit government d. personal analysis

14. Which of pursuing the is known as as well ineffective to-do much from certainly not at the same time so effective you to choices can be made randomly rather than owed process? a good. all over the world communities b. private organizations C bureaucracy d. personal charities

15. Government’s character in the neighborhood is really so pervading that it was called “the brand new administrative state” by the ______ when you look at the 1948. good. Barry Bozeman b. Woodrow Wilson c. Honest J. Goodnow D Dwight Waldo